Essential Survival Gear - What You Truly Need For Survival

Published: 02nd December 2011
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There are all sorts of nifty gadgets out there with all manner of bells and whistles all but guaranteeing you not just survival but survival in style. The reality is preppers and survivalists often get taken in by these flashy doodads and lose sight of what is really the essential survival gear. In a survival situation, you have several needs that must be met. Potable water, food, shelter, fire, signaling, and first aid are the basic needs. Each must be met in some way by your essential survival gear.

The human body can function for about three days without potable water. But you can feel the beginning effects of dehydration in as little as a day or less. Water is critical to survival. Thus, the essential survival gear for water includes devices to render found water potable. It is possible to filter pond water through a couple of coffee filters, then boil it, and make it safe to drink. However, this is both time consuming and predicated upon you having a container in which to boil the water. It is better to include in your gear a water purification device, such as a water bottle fitted with an internal filter. Unless your situation is truly dire, never drink found water without purifying it first. Intestinal distress will only hasten dehydration.

You can last a few weeks without food, but those weeks won't be filled with a whole lot of fun. The best food to include in your preps are things that don't require cooking or other preparation. Think about things like protein bars, dried fruit, granola bars, and dried nuts. You want things that store well under adverse conditions and provide you with lots of calories. Calories are the fuel that runs your body.

It is certainly wise to learn which local plants are edible as that will provide you with additional options; but don't rely strictly on wild plants for sustenance if possible.

Shelter and fire are both important for a variety of reasons. Shelter will keep you out of the elements, helping to reduce your risk of hypothermia. Fire will also keep you warm. Working together, these two components will boost morale as well. For shelter, the essential survival gear would include emergency blankets, sometimes referred to as space blankets, as well as paracord and a sharp knife. With these items, you can craft a variety of different expedient shelters. The essential survival gear to create fire includes ready to use tinder, such as dryer lint or cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly, as well as devices for creating sparks, like a magnesium striker or flint and steel set. A simple butane lighter will of course suffice but always have at least three ways of lighting a fire, just in case you lose one of them.

Having a variety of methods for signaling for help is another critical element. A simple, pea-less whistle, will work wonders in this regard. It can be heard at much greater distances than the human voice and will not cause you to get a sore throat. A pea-less model won't freeze up in cold temperatures. Other signaling devices to be considered essential survival gear include a signal mirror and/or flares. The mirror takes a little practice to learn how to operate it effectively so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and use it a few times at home to get the hang of it.

A first aid kit is another part of your essential survival gear. Keep plenty of adhesive bandages in your kit, as well as antibiotic ointment, burn cream, anti-diarrhea tablets, and pain relievers. These will help you reduce the risks of infection, fight off intestinal bugs, and manage pain until searchers can locate and rescue you.

Essential Survival Gear are those items you must have in a survival kit. You can get away with some of the extras that make life easier but being able to take care of basic needs is most important. has those essentials plus a lot more including full blown survival kits.

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